Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hope you all all a great summer-I did. For those of you who have not blogged yet, this will be fun (as fun as writing gets), and there are plenty of people in my classes who can help. Notice the sidebar on the right: I will be posting links throughout the year, most of which should provide emergency writing/reading assistance. Some of them are just cool.
You also need to think about the summer books--I've set up a poll on the right for you. You need to choose which book was your favorite this summer, and vote in the poll.
Last but not least, each year my classes vote on a class team name taken from the ranks of the most famous superheroes in our culture. For those of you in World Lit, you have a chance to broaden the choices beyond our shores. I reserve the right to stop you from making a big mistake in choice of "hero." Three years ago, a class voted on "powerpuff girls" and the guys had trouble answering to that for nine months! Can't wait to meet you in September.

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  1. LMH-healigan's home
    Man, that steampunk version of the metamorphosis man is disgusting, Thanks for the nightmare.


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