Thursday, September 17, 2009

CAN YOU SPIT IT? Mulan, Hancock and Barnacle Boys

Though we have just started reading Beowulf, we have already seen some of the techniques used by the scop that must have originated in the original sung (recited) version of the poem: alliteration, kennings, repetition, musical accompaniment, etc. The British literary tradition is not the only literature that started as songs and vocal poetry. Many of the world’s cultures still practice vibrant oral traditions to entertain and inform. Performance poetry, such as the kind seen on Def Poetry Jam, carries on this tradition in America today. And rap music born in the 1980s taps into historical African traditions to express American culture in a thoroughly original way, which is still advancing and morphing into the 21st century.
Consider your favorite art expressed through the voice: the music you listen to. How does your favorite artist express our culture? Which artist do you believe will be considered representative 50 years from now? (That will be 2060.) Choose an artist and a song and convince me that he/she will be remembered as a true artist, just as the Beowulf scop is remembered. Use specific examples fro the song to support your opinion; discuss genre, subject, themes, purpose and techniques to support your choice. Write at least 200 words or one text box on the blog’s comment page. If you do not finish today (9/18), I will still count it as "on time" if you post by 9/21.


  1. I chose Rise Against's song Hero of War because it describes the war in Iraq & what is happening there. It describes a soldier's experience in the war and what had happened there. Rise Against always writes songs with deep sayings & interesting topics. They write songs that people will want to talk about & discus. This song for example brings about a lot of talk and opinions on the war. Many people leave a lot of comments on their music video for Hero of War on YouTube. They bring up many topics about the war and how Rise Against does such a good job with the song along with the video.

  2. i think asher roths song i love college really expresses our culture in america. the whole song is about college experiences that actually happen. i think that he will be considered a representative fifty years from now because when people look back at it i am sure college kids will be listening to this song and saying that maybe it is simialer to the college life years from now. the things he sais in this song such as i love drinking and i love women and man i love college really express how college life can be in most cases a time to party and be free. this genra is also a hip hop?rap kind of song.

  3. My favorite artist expresses our culture by singing about real life. ASher Roth will be representative 50 years from now. Asher Roth and his song is I love college. Asher sings about life in college which is what happens to most college students whil in college, such as the line I love college, I love drinking, and I love women and man I love college. That line several years from now will be a remembrance of how you should party. The genre is hip hop/ rap. The subject is college parties. Asher uses catchy music that grabs yor attention, also accomapanied by good lyrics.

  4. Most people will remember the music of Nirvana because their music influenced a whole entire generation. Their biggest song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was said to be the song of a generation in the 90's. When i listened to the song at first, i didn't understand why, but after i listened to the son literally 30 times, i understood why it was so amazing. After the death of lead singer Kurt Cobain, people were chanting at a press conference for Kurt "here we are now, entertain us." most of the kids that were there were the kids that were confused in life and looking for an answer. They thought that Nirvana would be their answer.

  5. The artist i chose was Jordin Sparks. I feel she shows a strong girl because she went through a lot to get her famous. She went through American Idol and made it all the way and now she is a very popular, well liked artist by many different types of people and cultures. "No matter what you say about life, I learn everytime i bleed Truth is a stranger, soul is in danger i got to let my spirit be free" "Your on my heart just like a tattoo" She's letting everyone know that no matter who you meet in your life they'll always leave a memory in your heart.

  6. Jay-Z and Linkin Park will be talked about for a long time because they brought rap and rock together to make great music. They sang songs like "Numb" and "99 Problems." These are some of the more popular of their songs fron their album "Collision Course." They brought together two different cultures of music and for that they will be remembered and listened to for a long time whether it is together or in their separete music careers.

  7. “Be, B-Boys and girls, listen up
    You can be anything in the world, in God we trust
    An architect, doctor, maybe an actress
    But nothing comes easy it takes much practice
    Like, I met a woman who's becoming a star
    She was very beautiful, leaving people in awe
    Singing songs, Lina Horn, but the younger version
    Hung with the wrong person
    Gotta astrung when I heard when
    Cocaine, sniffing up drugs, all in her nose
    Coulda died, so young, no looks ugly and old
    No fun cause when she reaches for hugs people hold they breath
    Cause she smells of corrosion and death
    Watch the company you keep and the crowd you bring
    Cause they came to do drugs and you came to sing
    So if you gonna be the best, I'ma tell you how” “I can by nas”
    nas is a poet because he rhymes very well and uses it to get a good message out there, people listen top him because his music is good and inspirational. Nas expresses our culture because he is talking about how inner city youth gets hooked on drugs and how if u believes u can u can achieve anything you want as long as you work hard for it. In 50 years from now people will defiantly remember nas because he started the hiphop phenomenon. “Gotta astrung when I heard when
    Cocaine, sniffing up drugs, all in her nose
    Coulda died, so young, no looks ugly and old” that line talks about girls getting hooked to drugs.

  8. Led Zeppelin will always be remembered. Led Zeppelin writes rock music and consists only of a drummer, guitarist, and a vocalist. In that age, most people tried to to add as many instruments as they could, but they kept it simple and pleasant, with the exception of their songs that include the violin. Led Zeppelin proved that too many instruments is too distracting from the overall experience that the song means to create. Stairway to Heaven is possibly their most famous song and it describes how money can get you a lot, but it can't get you everything. It also deals with how the choices you make lead you to where you go in your life.

  9. I think that most people will specifically remember the one linkin Park song In the End because, it does offer a very deep meaning with it that most people can relate to. For example: like the whole song is about how really when it is all said and done nothing really matters. This is pretty depressing if you think about it but, its a really harsh reality. This song not only sounds pretty good it offers a deep meaning. This song is really trying to tell you to not completely trade friends and family for working twenty-four hours a day because, in the end all that hard work you put in to becoming a sucess will all be gone yet you will have lost all of your family and friends because, you never had time to pay attention to them or appreciate them. People will remember this song because, it is perhaps one of life's greatest lessons to be learned. Linkin Park just put it into a catchy song. Listening to this song is not only cool but, will burn that lesson into your brain.

  10. The artist that I think expresses our culture and will be representative in 50 years is Alicia Keys. “Cause I am a Superwoman, Yes I am, Yes she is, Even when I'm a mess,I still put on a vest, With an S on my chest, Oh yes I'm a Superwoman.” Just these lyrics represent women’s new role in our culture and how women are equal to men in a sense not only inn society but government and law. Alicia Keys is an R & B singer and she sings mostly about women empowerment. Alicia’s women views represent how women are gaining more respect and power in our society and can be represented for the next 50 years. Alicia’s lyrics give women the confidence to stand up for themselves and give courage to women that they are and can be equal to men. I think Alicia is a great example to express our culture because her songs have inspired me to not let any boy put me down and give me the encouragement to be proud to me a women. Alicia also talks about love for one another and how love brings goodness to the world. "To love you when you're right, Love you when you're wrong, Love you when you're weak, Love you when you're strong Take you higher, When the world got you feelin low."

  11. I choose to talk about the pop-punk band All Time Low from Baltimore, Maryland. I have almost every song of theirs on my iPod. They have become so well known over the past couple years. I think that this band will stay popular and be known 50 years later because it is inspirational. Their songs actually make sense and talk about common problems people have in their lives. Their song “Weightless” on their newest CD Nothing Personal, is a perfect example of this. It talks about how sometimes life stresses you out and you need to getaway from it all. People would like to feel “weightless” and have no worries. I listen to All Time Low whenever I’m happy, sad, etc. Most songs are relatively upbeat and you can listen to them whatever mood you are in. I think this band has influenced people to be happy with themselves and live their lives to the fullest. This new band has set a record for pop-punk bands. I know so many people who listen to this band and love it. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like this band. They recently starting playing their songs on the radio, and thank God they did. I truly love this band and think everyone should listen to them.

  12. Most people will remeber "Saved By The Bell" theme song sung by Elton John. This is a very popular and has been regarded as one of the most popular theme songs ever. The show was very popular in large regard because of the theme song. People in 50 years from now will defineltyl remeber the song because it has such a cachy ring to it. It was composed by Elton John and he is very popular, regardless of the Saved By The Bell theme song.People will remeber the theme song as well because people hum it all te time and its a classic. Saved By The Bell theme song will be remeber for forever not just fifty years.

  13. “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?”

    This is a quote from possibly Eminem’s most famous song “Lose Yourself”. Eminem is one of the few white rappers in the rap industry. Eminem grew up in a trailer park with a terrible home situation. Eminem is the perfect example of someone who came from nothing a gained success through his hard work. Eminem’s story became so famous because of his rap success that a movie called “8 Mile “ was filmed about it. Eminem gives anyone living in the hood hope that they can strive for better and achieve riches through hard work. Eminem started young through rap battles to sharpen his skills on the mic. Eminem became possibly the best rapper of the time when he got his first record deal with was in the beginning of the milenium. Eminem still raps today but he doesn’t do nearly as much time in the record room. He spends more time with his daughter making up for lost time. Eminem is an inspiration to us all.

  14. I think that one of the most influential artists of this time is Beyonce. Beyonce can have many genre of music. one song she can be talking about relationships and how amazing the next song she can be raping about how women are as strong as men. she will be remebered not only for her music but for her, herself. she was one of the first black female to be known as "sexy" by all people. her dancing blows people away and makes you want to get up and dance. she is also a very good singer and can reach out to all people. most women singers have trouble reaching out to men, but Beyonce does amazingly. She also has a voice that can not be copied. In one of my favorit songs "halo" she is talking about how she is in love, and her love is her angel. every girl that has heard that song thinks of there boyfriend or some one they have feel in love with. its a insperational song. Her other top ten song is Diva. alothough it is not isperaltional it is catchy and fun. a dance that you can just dance to and have fun with. also she is not just popular in america, her song sweet dreams in number one in britian. she can just take the world by storm!

  15. My favorite alternative/indie rock band, kings of Leon, is one of the artists in my era that I feel really has true talent. They are not a studio band, they are raw. There music is never altered very much, and they sound great live. Their music is the type of music that you can really get into and appreciate. Their talent is very influential and their songs are real. Some songs, as a lot of rock bands, don’t really make sense that just endears them more to me. Throughout life, sometimes all your thoughts get jumbled up in your head and the way kings of Leon puts all their random thoughts into songs. Although some of their lyrics really speak to me, and im sure other people feel the same. The song “be somebody” is one of my favorites because the lyrics are so good. “Given a chance, I'm gonna be somebody
    If for one dance, I'm gonna be somebody
    Open the door, it's gonna make you love me
    Facing the floor, I'm gonna be somebody” is the chorus. Even when things are hard, if you keep pushing through you will preserve. At their last concert, the lead singer said all he really wanted to do was do what he loved and I love that so many other people can enjoy their talent. 50 years from now, kings of Leon will be remembered as an indie rock band that made it big and did not sell out! It will represent all those indie rock lovers who wanted a talented and raw band.

  16. i chose the Red Hot Chili Peppers song California cation because it tells about events that occur in California. It gives people a perspective on the way they see California. The band tells what you can get in California and it is where people want to be. This is a band that is liked by most people and their music is very influential on them. All their songs have a strong meaning coming from them.

  17. I think that Taylor Swift will be remembered 50s years from now because she is already a huge hit now, and she sings country music. Now, I personally don’t like country music, but I do like Taylor Swift and so do many other people that aren’t exactly into country. She one her award at the VMAs for Best Female Music Video. Not many guys will remember her, but girls deffinatly will. She is only nineteen so she writes songs that can relate to a lot of young girls. One of her songs that she is most famous for is Love Story, which is played constantly on the radio, and never really gets old. Taylor hasn’t been caught up in all the fame, and she is one of the few celebraties who is kind and it isn't fake. Taylor is a great role model for young girls, and will be rememberd for awhile.

  18. I think Beyonce is an artist that will truly be remembered. She represents a strong independent woman. I think her song Halo is a very inspirational song. The lyrics are catchy but have a good meaning. Not only is it her lyrics but her sense of style. She is an amazing dancer and shows to all girls, especially African American woman that they can achieve anything. Most of America see's her as a positive role model. She has achieved a lot, her most recent award was Best Music Video of the Year at the VMA's. Her music is heard all over the radio. She has a voice that everyone recognizes whether your a fan or not. Beyonce is a great performer and she will definitely be remembered.

  19. I think a very influential artist is Taylor Swift. I chose her song Fifteen. It shows how every teenage girl is on her first day of school. She also talks about boys and relationships. So many young girls look up to her as their role model because she really is like all of us. She doesn't act like a lot of the other stars do today. She is a regular teenager and i think that in fifty years people will still be influenced by her music. All her songs are positive and don't talk about drinking or drugs which is very important because her crowd is younger girls so it influences them in a positive way.

  20. I think that biggie smalls will b remembered in 50 years because of of his legendary style of rap and the realness of his lyrics

  21. The artist i choose is Taylor Swift because all of her songs relate to young teenage girls. In one of her songs, "You Belong With Me," she is saying how you don't have to be the typical "pretty girl" to have someone like you. They can just like you for who you are. In the song the boy likes the popular pretty girl but so does the nerdy girl. She sings about how she should be with him because she is pretty and nice but no one can really see that except for him. Taylor Swift is a great artist because shes young so she can really relate to teen girls and her music can really put you in a good mood!

  22. Lil Wayne will be considered as a true artist. Every song that he is in or is a part of he murders it, meaning the song is good. Lil Wayne brings style and flow that nobody else can bring. His lyrics are original, he doesn't use anybody else's thoughts or ideas. He has won so many music awards, which shows his talents and skill. Every song that he comes out with it his song is always in the top ten if not the number one song in the U.S.A. His kind of music gets people in the mood to do whatever, his talent is incredible. God gave him the best rapping skills to kill anybody else out there.

  23. I chose the song Place in this world by Taylor Swift. Teenage girls can understand Taylor's songs because they are all about being a girl and going through different types of situations. Most songs are about being in relationships but the one i chose is about trying to understand who you are and what you want out of your life. It relates to teenagers who don't really know who they are yet and how they are trying to fit in. "I don't know what I want so don't ask me cause I'm still trying to figure it out. don't know whats down the road Im just walking." This line is saying that she is just taking each day and trying to be strong and just keep on going.

  24. My favorite band is A Day to Remember. I think that this band is expressed in our culture today because its sings about what people are going through, what they have gone through, and what they will go through. And those are things that we will always remember. This band expresses the good in bad in everything. In 50 years I think that people will listen to these songs because they can look back and remember how things use to be. In a song called "Another Song for the Weekend" it talks about getting out on your own and how his friends thinks he's changed but, he knows where he came from and that he's ready for the future. I think that this can relate to everyone now and in the future.
    "Everyone I use to know says they don't know what I've become. But I'm still the same, not much has changed, I still know where I came from"
    "and it feels like I'm ready for anything"

  25. I feel Britney Spears will be remembered as an artist fifty years from now because of her individuality and her talent. Even when she was younger she was involved in the music scene. She was in The Mickey Mouse Club along with other popular artists. Britney's latest Circus Tour has done exceptionally well. Britney will always be remembered for her music and her choreography.

  26. I chose Taylor Swift. The music artist Taylor Swift will probably be remembered because of her instant success in the music world. I have just recently started listening to her music. It is inspiring music for anyone to listen to. She has influenced many girls, especially, through her songs. Her country music is easy to listen to and you can compare situations in your life with hers. Taylor is a hard working artist and is humble in her success. She has won awards for her music. I think people like her music because its relatable and just fun to listen to. Her style of music is unique. In her career I believe that she will continue to come out with numerous new songs that people will continue to enjoy listening to.

  27. I think Fleetwood Mac will be remembered 50 years from now. People of all ages like and can relate to their music. Stevie Nick's voice is very unique and the cool thing about their band is whoever writes the lyrics, gets to sing it. Each song sounds different because there was someone different singing it each time. Some famous songs were Landslide, Gypsy, The Chain, Dreams, and Go your own way. Their reunion tour at Madison Square Garden in NYC sold out extremely fast, showing that even an old band could sell out a huge venue. I would of liked to go with my family but the tickets were expensive. I think that even if they don't tour anymore, their music will be carried out throughout the years and influence the youth and help them relate to their elders.

  28. My favorite artist right now is Taylor Swift. I feel like Taylor really represents our culture, especially our generation because she writes about experiences that every teenage girl goes through at one time or another. She sings about break-ups, make-ups, good times, bad times, and memories with her best friends and her mom. A perfect example would be her song “Fifteen.” This song is about the first day of high school, which is something everyone can relate to.
    Taylor Swift sets her self apart from the rest. She writes, performs, and produces all of her own songs. She sings live and always puts on an amazing show. I truly believe that in 50 years from now she will still be remembered and she will still represent our generation.


  29. One of my favorite artists is Vanessa Carlton, I think that she is one of the best female singers of all time. Her lyrics are very simple but have a lot of meaning behind them and really relate to every one at all ages. One of her most famous songs is One "Thousand Miles". Even though that it seems like there is very few lyrics in the song, its very catchy. If you listen to the lyrics you can tell that it is about some that is can't be with the one they love and how they would do anything to be with them."Caz you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you." The amazing piano and great sing along lyrics will make you want to keep playing over and over again. Since the day it came out it was an instant classic.

  30. I believe that Metallica will be a band remembered in fifty years. Metallica's memorable lyrics as well as there large amount of songs will allow them to be easily remembered by the future generations. Another reason that Metallica will be remembered is this generation will tell their children about the music they listened to when they were kids. The last reason is that they will probably continue to make music for a few more years giving them more songs to be remembered by.

  31. MD Mulan

    I think that one of the most influential artists of all time is the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is remembered for several number-one-hits, such as Thriller, Billie Jean, And Black or White. Michael Jackson was the person to introduce pop, the 1980's modern revival of swing. His music was incredibly revolutionary; people never heard anything like it. When they heard his music they were filled with an sensation to just get up and move to the beat. Micahel Jackson's 1988 album "Thriller" is the most selling record in all history. The song "Black or White" is about racism and equality. The song talks about how all people in the world are equal. The genre is pop, themes include modern discrimination, social acceptance, and equality among all people. This line from the song, "If you wanna be my brother it don't matter if your black or white..." demonstrate this. Michael Jackson will be remembered for his revolutionary, creative, and dynamic approach to his music. He is a world-wide with concert tickets selling out as soon as they became available hero and he was the first black man to be listed in the MTV hall of fame.

  32. in 2060, i can see Blink 182 being a representative. Their songs have been around since i was younger and a large majority of people have heard of them. their songs speak the views of the younger generation.

    [I]"Everything has fallen to pieces,
    Earth is dying help me Jesus
    We need guidance, we've been misled,
    young and hostile, but not stupid."[/I]
    I chose the song "Anthem Part 2" by Blink 182 because it gets the aggrivation of younger kids out in the open. It speaks of the corruption in the world caused by the lack of leadership from our past, and present, politicians. Adults have all the say in everything that goes on in our country and in the world. Teens opinions are almost always overlooked or looked down upon just because teens are known to be "immature and dangerous." Adults don't like to admit it, but they aren't always right. Maybe we teens could have a good idea or a good opinion on how to take care of a problem, but we still have no say. [I]"Corporate leaders, politicians,
    kids can't vote, adults elect them
    Laws that rule the school and workplace,
    signs that caution, sixteen's unsafe."[/I]
    the problems in the world can be blamed on so many things, even teenagers. Ever think that the way we are and the way we act is because we are tainted by the corruption that surrounds us? we want the world to be just as peaceful as everyone else does. We can make the world a better place too if our opinions are actually heard instead of just thrown aside. We have the power to change the world for the better.
    [I]"We really need to see this through,
    we never wanted to be abused,
    We'll never give up, it's no use,
    if we're f*cked up you're to blame!"[/I]

  33. The artist I am choosing to blog about is my favorite rapper Drake. Drake is a true artist because he’s versatile. He has his own unique style that will be mimicked for years to come. He can go from rapping as hard as anybody, and turn himself into a R&B singer the next second. His lyrics are pretty well thought out. He says things that can have two, or even three meanings. He plays on words a lot and he makes it so that you would have to be a true fan to really get some of his punch lines. One of my favorite songs by Drake featuring Trey Songz is called Sucessful, and it’s all about the chase to make it big in the industry and to become an all time great in the rap game. The whole song he talks about money and how he’s trying to make more money as he becomes more successful, and in the first verse he says one of the best lines throughout the whole song about money which is “Just enough to solve your problems, too much will kill ya.” Which I think is one of the smartest lines I have ever heard because he’s basically saying that he’s seen all these other famous artists make all the money in the world, and still have terrible lives behind the scenes. Not only is Drake an icon on the mic, but he already has a great acting repetua having starred on the Canadian high school drama Degrassi since he was 14. He’s also a fashion icon, proving that you don’t have to wear baggy clothes and big chains to be a great rapper. Drake is one of the smartest rappers in the whole industry, which might not be saying much, but I think that is why he will be remembered 50 years from now.

  34. The artist I am choosing to blog about is my favorite rapper Drake. Drake is a true artist because he’s versatile. He has his own unique style that will be mimicked for years to come. He can go from rapping as hard as anybody, and turn himself into a R&B singer the next second. His lyrics are pretty well thought out. He says things that can have two, or even three meanings. He plays on words a lot and he makes it so that you would have to be a true fan to really get some of his punch lines. One of my favorite songs by Drake featuring Trey Songz is called Sucessful, and it’s all about the chase to make it big in the industry and to become an all time great in the rap game. The whole song he talks about money and how he’s trying to make more money as he becomes more successful, and in the first verse he says one of the best lines throughout the whole song about money which is “Just enough to solve your problems, too much will kill ya.” Which I think is one of the smartest lines I have ever heard because he’s basically saying that he’s seen all these other famous artists make all the money in the world, and still have terrible lives behind the scenes. Not only is Drake an icon on the mic, but he already has a great acting repetua having starred on the Canadian high school drama Degrassi since he was 14. He’s also a fashion icon, proving that you don’t have to wear baggy clothes and big chains to be a great rapper. Drake is one of the smartest rappers in the whole industry, which might not be saying much, but I think that is why he will be remembered 50 years from now.

  35. I believe that Taylor Swift will definitely be someone to remember 50 years from now. She has made her way to the top by being one of the most popular country singers in todays culture. At 19 years old she has accomplished her dream to be a successful performer. Taylor Swift is a very influential woman, not only because of her down-to-earth personality, but through her songs. The lyrics in her songs relate to the same problems that many teenage girls are going through. Taylor Swift recently just won Best Female Music Video of the Year on the VMA's. One her songs called "Change" is about how in life there are hardships but if you keep moving foward eventually you'll overcome the fight. This is one of her most powerful songs. Taylor Swift is a positive role model who, through her music, can help someone to feel uplifted and strong. I think that Taylor Swift has changed our generation's music influence for the better and will be remembered and loved for many years to come.

  36. I think Taylor Swift will be remembered in 50 years. Taylor is one of the most popular artists for country and cross over. She really made a name for herself and continues to make good music that everyone likes. Taylor is a young, rising star that has so much more to show the world. So many people like her now in 50 years I think they will say the same. Her song "I'm Only Me When I'm With You" says "When I'm with anybody else it's so hard to be myself.Only you can tell." This songs says everyone has that one person that you are truly yourself with.

  37. I think that the rap artist T.I will be remembered as time goes on. His songs are inspirational and talks about real life. At first when he came out as an artist his songs were just about random stuff and didn’t really have any meaning to them. When T.I was caught for doing something illegal it hit him that he was living his life all wrong. He understood the mistake he made and is still working on turning his life around. The song I chose is “Dead and Gone”. In the song he is talking about how his old life is dead and gone and he isn’t turning back. People make dumb decisions every day trying to be cool and acting tough, but for what? By doing those kinds of things where are you getting in life. I think that in this song he is reaching out to everyone, especially the younger crowd and telling them that even if you made a mistake there is still time to make up for it. The chorus of the song is, “ I've been travelin On this road too long Just trying to find My way back home The old me is dead and gone Dead and gone Oh hey I've been travelin On this road to long Just trying to find My way back home The old me is dead and gone Dead and gone.” T.I is paying is time now and taking ownership for his mistake which I think is a great role model. He isn’t going back down is old path and instead is leaving his old life behind. T.I is a great artist and should be remembered.

  38. I think that the artist Michael Jackson expresses our culture by questioning himself and telling how the world really is. I think 50 years from now Michael Jackson will still be remebered because he over came peoples prejudices as well as their criticisms about his music. I think Michael Jackson's song Man in the Mirror really expresses how he strived to make a change in our society just as we should. The lyrics :I'm Starting With The Man InThe Mirror I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
    And No Message Could Have
    Been Any ClearerIf You Wanna Make The World
    A Better Place If You Wanna Make The
    World A Better PlaceTake A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change. This tells us to take a good look at ourselves and see if we want to make a change and what we can do to make a change for the good of our society.That change starts with us alone and then we can strive to help other people change as well.
    I've Been A Victim Of A Selfish Kind Of Love
    It's Time That I Realize
    That There Are Some With No
    Home, Not A Nickel To Loan
    Could It Be Really Me,
    Pretending That They're Not
    Alone? These lyrics tell us and the futures generations that we should appreciate what we have because there are some people who don't have as much and those are the people that give the most.They deal with their troubles and give everything even though they have nothing to give. There is no clearer message that all of us should try to change before all of society becomes corrupt. Michael Jackson was always pushing for change because he was so different. Even though he is no longer with us his memory and what he stood for will live on forever because he was very influential on the world as well as pop culture.

  39. In 50 years I think people will remember Death Cab for Cutie because I think they translate real life and real emotions into song very well. They really capture the essence of life in their songs, and their music is very laid back and easy to listen to. One song that really caught my attention was “Summer Skin” from the 2003 album Plans. It was towards the end of summer and this song basically summed up how I was feeling. Basically in the song they describe the feelings in the beginning of summer and then at the end.
    Squeaky swings and tall grass
    The longest shadows ever cast
    The water's warm and children swim
    And we frolicked about in our summer skin

    I don't recall a single care
    Just greenery and humid air
    Then Labor day came and went
    And we shed what was left of our summer skin

    On the night you left I came over
    And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders
    Our brand new coats so flushed and pink
    And I knew your heart I couldn't win
    Cause the season's change was a conduit
    And we'd left our love in our summer skin

    As they put it in the song I didn’t want to “shed my summer skin”. Another reason I think they will be remembered 50 years from now is that they don’t subject themselves to one style of creating music. If you listen to their albums each song is different and special in it’s own way.

  40. In fifty years people will remember the band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd is an English rock band created in 1965. Pink Floyd was consisted of Bob Klose, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Syd Barret. Soon after Pink Flyod was created Bob Klose left the band and was replaced by David Gilmour. Pink Floyd is best known for their albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall. Pink Flyod also brought a whole new sound to music. This is why Pink Floyd will be remembered for fifty years.

  41. My favorite artist is Jay-Z. Jay-Z expresses our culture in a realistic way. Although most of his music is not sending a good message to listeners, it is still very representative of the way our country is today. Jay-Z has been very successful winning many awards and producing nine albums that have reached number one on the Billboard 200. My favorite song of his right now is “D.O.A.” The genre of this song, like almost all of Jay-Z’s music, is hip-hop/rap. The only subject in this song is Jay-Z himself. The theme, purpose, and technique of the song is basically just about declaring himself as the best rapper of all time. I think Jay-Z will be considered representative 50 years from now because of his success and impact on the music industry.

  42. In my own personal opinion I believe that the most influential artist is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson being the "King of Pop" will be remembered for his greatest hits including Thriller, Billie Jean, Black or White and many more. I think Michael Jackson will still be remembered 50 years from now because he wasn't afraid too express himself through his music. Michael Jackson had a mind of his own, and didn’t care what people said about him or his music. I think for that reasons Michael Jackson will be known as a legend and will be remembered forever. I think his song Heal the World is a good example of Michael Jackson reaching out too everyone and setting a good example for younger kids. Some lyrics in the song are “Heal The World Make It A Better Place For You And For Me And The Entire Human Race There Are People Dying If You Care Enough For The Living Make A Better Place For You And For Me” This tells us that we need too stand up and care for the world and make it better for everyone too live on. These lyrics are over powering and speak too not only older generations but every age. His lyrics are never just lyrics too a song, they always have a hidden message behind them that should influence people too be themselves. Another song of his, Black or White is another example of Michael Jackson sending the world a powerful message. Some of the lyrics state “I’m not gonna spend my life being a color”. This shows that Michael Jackson isn’t afraid too be black, white, gay, or anything that is out of the ordinary, he is setting an example too the world that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks you should do what your heart wants and that’s all that matters. All these reasons conclude that Michael Jackson should be known as the most influential artist of the year and hopefully will still be remembered 50 years from now.

  43. My favorite artist is Jay-Z. Jay-Z expresses are culture in a realistic way. Although most of his music is not sending a good message to listeners, it is still very representative of the way our country is today. Jay-Z has been very successful winning many awards and producing nine albums that have reached number one on the Billboard 200. My favorite song of his right now is “D.O.A.” The genre of this song, like almost all of Jay-Z’s music, is hip-hop/rap. The only subject in this song is Jay-Z himself. The theme, purpose, and technique of the song is basically just about declaring himself as the best rapper of all time. I think Jay-Z will be considered representative 50 years from now because of his success and impact on the music industry.

  44. Because of the wide range of genres and artists there will probably be many artists considered representatives of our time. One of the most influential artists of our time would be The Beatles. The Beatles are one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music. Their style, clothes and statements made them trend-setters, while their growing social awareness saw their influence extend into the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s. Even after almost 50 yeas, The Beatles are still popular today, they had many top-of-the charts songs which influenced many and broke traditions, one of my favorites is “All You Need Is Love”. "It was an inspired song and they really wanted to give the world a message," said Brian Epstein. The Rolling Stone magazine ranked it at #362 in their 500 greatest songs of all time. The song says “There's nothing you can do that can't be done. Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.” These lyrics tell us that we can accomplish just about anything we want to, with love of course. Love was an important lesson during the time of The Beatles, which is why the song was the banner of thousands of young people during the last two years of the Sixties.

  45. Michael Jackson, need I say more. In my eyes Michael is possibly one of the most influential artists of all time. Between his astonishing dance moves and all of his hit songs he really changed how people looked at hip-hop and music all together. Despite his numerous surgeries on his face and rumors of him molesting children he was still loved by many. I'm sure there were and still are many Michael Jackson haters but he had so many fans and changed music for so many people that it was truely a tradgedy when he died. I believe that his crazy dance moves really gave him a jump start to a great carrer. Along with his dance moves he also had a great voice and very catchy songs. Now how a human pulls off the illusion of walking backwards still blows my mind. If you ever have a chance to see a video of Michael dancing be sure to watch it and I guarentee that you will be amazed. Michael Jackson really did so much for the music world I am positive that he will still be influencing people 50 years from now and most likely for much longer then that.

  46. Mariah Carey is a well known artist that will be remembered 50 years from now because of her beautiful voice that can hit any note no matter how high or low and still sound beautiful. Mariah Carey is a strong vocalist and inspiring R&B and pop singer during this time. Mariah Carey’s songs are mostly all about love and break ups. She has many inspirational songs such as “Hero”, “I Still Believe”, and “Can’t Take That Away.” In her song “Can’t Take That Away”, she sings, “And they can try Hard to make me feel that I, Don't matter at all, But I refuse to falter in what I believe or lose faith in my dreams.” I believe this saying has inspired many young and old people to never lose faith or to never give up on anything. Mariah Carey also sings other artists famous songs like “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson 5 and “I Want to Know What Love Is” by the Foreigners. She sings their song to show them respect and how much she enjoys that song. She expresses our culture through her sexuality and her ability to not be afraid to say or do anything. Our culture is about sexuality and your ability to stand up for yourself. Mariah Carey stands up for herself through the song “Obsessed” by saying “why you so obsessed with me boy I wanna know lying that you're sexin' me when everybody knows its clear that you're upset with me”. This quote was direct towards the rapper Eminem because he was accusing her of things that never happened. Mariah Carey will be remembered not only as a great singer but also as a strong woman who sings to inspire many people to keep living your life and to keep loving everyone.

  47. My favorite artist is Idina Menzel, the original Elphaba in the musical Wicked. I love her music because she sings a lot of songs that are down to earth and empower people. My favorite song is “Defying Gravity” off the soundtrack from the show. In the song, Elphaba decides to “defy gravity” and go do what everyone else had told her she couldn’t do, and she realizes that everyone deserves to accomplish their dreams and goals in life. Everyone has that moment when they are going to defy all odds and go out and accomplish what they want no matter what anyone else says. I think that Idina Menzel will be remembered fifty years from now for her empowering music.

  48. KW Mulan

    I think that one of the greatest artists of all time is Micheal Jackson. He will be one of the most remembered icon of our time. 50 years from now people will still be talking about him and all the things he has accomplished. One of his most known songs is "Thriller." It is known all around the world to people of all ages. His genre reaches people from my age to 50 years of age and older. All races and genders have grown to know him and his music. The subject of his music is about all types of things. Love and friendship can describe some of the subjects. He is a world wide phenomenon and everyone has a lot of respect for him. Even though his death was very recent and unexpected I'm positive he will never be forgotten. His legend will truly live on forever. Artists today are influenced by his sound of music and dance moves. I'm sure we will be hearing his music for atleast 50 more years.

    KW Mulan

  49. I believe that 50 years from now, Madonna will still be remembered. She started nearly 30 years ago and took the world by storm with her songs, her dances, and of course those live moments in her life. Madonna has been around for such a long time and is still on top. She changed the 80s forever and still is changing something, everyday. All of her collaborations, tours, and projects have seriously stood out from so many different artists. This woman is in her 50s and she still has the energy and power of a 20 year old. She also has done some incredible things, like going to Africa and helping all the children. Madonna will always live on, in everyone’s lives, old or young. She has impacted so many people in some type of way. One of the biggest memories that probably will live on forever about Madonna is the speech she gave about Michael Jackson at the VMAs in 2009. These are two exerts from them:

    "When Michael Jackson was six, he became a superstar, and was perhaps the world’s most beloved child. When I was six, my mother died. I think he got the shorter end of the stick."
    "All I could think about in this moment was, “I had abandoned him.” That we had abandoned him. That we had allowed this magnificent creature who had once set the world on fire to somehow slip through the cracks. While he was trying to build a family and rebuild his career, we were all passing judgment. Most of us had turned our backs on him."
    "Then the witch hunt began, and it seemed like one negative story after another was coming out about Michael. I felt his pain, I know what it’s like to walk down the street and feel like the whole world is turned against you. I know what it’s like to feel helpless and unable to defend yourself because the roar of the lynch mob is so loud you feel like your voice can never be heard."

    Madonna had the power to change the world, and she did and she still will continue to.

  50. The artist I believe that will be remembered 50 years from now is the band Linkin Park. They have a wide variety of music, from more heavy rock to some of their newer stuff that is softer. The will be remembered because they are one of only a few rock bands that are mainstream. In addition, one main reason why they will be remembered is from their connection to the movie series Transformers. And one thing that will probably connect any time period to another is that everyone loves the movies. Linkin Park is connected to the record-breaking blockbuster series that will be watched for many generations. One of the songs that they will be remembered is the song Don’t Stay from one of their earlier albums, Meteora. This song is a fight or break up between a couple and this is about how the guy just can not seem to be apart from her. As the song goes on, his frustration builds and he finally gets away from her without any regrets. The reason why I picked this song is because everyone can relate to it. If it was not a relationship, then it could have been anything. You can say that you are trying to get away from an addiction, a bad memory, or a regret.

    Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe
    Sometimes I need you to stay away from me
    Sometimes I’m in disbelief I didn’t know
    Somehow I need you to go

  51. The artist that I think will be remembered in 50 years is Taylor Swift. She has made country music more popular to younger generations. She recently preformed and won an award at the VMA’s which usually does not showcase country singers. On her tour this summer almost all her concerts were sold out. She has already become very well known and she is only nineteen years old. Her music speaks to many people because they can easily relate to her songs. For example in her song, "Fifteen" she sings about the ups and downs of starting high school. Also in her most recent song, “You Belong With Me” she sings about how you like someone but they are already in a relationship. Taylor Swift is an artist that will never be forgotten.

  52. Personally, I feel like there are numerous artists that have influenced the past, present, and theoretically the future generations of our time. Gloria Estefan, a 7 time Grammy Award-winning Cuban-American singer; that is known to be one of the most successful crossover singers to this very day, is my personal illustrator of art through the voice.

    In 1999 Gloria sung a duet with the world-renowned band known as *NSYNC. "Music of My Heart" is a song that displays a ballad of thanksgiving to the people that have truly influenced you the most in your life to help morph you into who you are today.

    "You'll never know, what you've done for me
    What your faith in me, has done for my soul
    You'll never know the gift you've given me
    I'll carry it with me, yeah yeah

    Through the days ahead I'll think of days before
    You made me hope for something better
    And made me reach for something more

    You taught me to run
    You taught me to fly
    Helped me to free the me inside
    Helped me hear the music of my heart
    Helped me hear the music of my heart
    You opened my eyes
    You opened the door
    To something I've never known before
    And your love, is the music of my heart"

    I give thanks to my parents, friends, and most of all my little sister because their love, is the music of my heart.

  53. An artist that I feel as though will be remembered in 50 years is Kanye West. Kanye is a very outspoken and doesn't hesitate to state his views whether it be about politics, music, and his latest act, awards and who "should have" won them. One of his most controversial comments came when he was doing a segment on hurricane Katrina and he said, “George Bush hates black people.” The whole country was kind of stunned to hear this and George Bush had to respond to Kanye’s comment. Another very controversial comment came at the VMA’s last week when he took the mic from Taylor Swift, who just won her first award for best female video, and said, “…BeyoncĂ© had one of the best videos of all time.” This was looked upon as very disrespectful. The president of the United States is quoted in calling Kanye a “Jackass” because of this act. He has been addressed by 2 presidents for his comments and this alone will be remembered for 50 years. Kanye is, whether you like him personally or not, one of the best rappers in today’s culture and will not only be remembered by that but also by his actions outside of the music world, controversial or not.

  54. I think one of the most influential artists of our time is Kelly Clarkson. Kelly did all she could to achieve her dream of singing. She was turned down by many recording companies before entering the new TV series American Idol. Never giving up, Kelly survived and eventually won the first brutal season of American Idol. It has been many years since then and today her music still stands under the top ten charts. Kelly has many hits ranging from "A Moment Like This" and "My Life would Suck without You." Her songs are about relationships, love, and events that have taken place in her life. Through her music, she has inspired other aspiring singers and acts as a true role model for girls.

  55. I think Eminem is someone who will be remember in 50 years. He is unique because he is the only well known white rapper. People can relate to his music because it gives hope to anyone having a tough time. He is respected for having come from nothing and made his way to the top. He adds humor to his music and tells it how it is. His talent speaks to many people including me. I think he will always be remembered as a great artist of our time.

  56. Passion Pit is a fairly new band who creates music just for the fun of it. I think that Passion Pit will be remembered as a true artist because they sing about the simple things in life that can put a smile on your face. Their lyrics are written in a way that I think everyone can relate to. The mood of their music creates feelings of excitement and happiness that always lifts my mood. I believe they will be remembered 50 years from now because they can be considered positive role models in the way they express their outlook on life. Their lyrics basically say to be happy that your alive, to live your life to the fullest and just to always have fun. To me, the most important thing in life is to be happy and Passion Pit’s music expresses just that. For example, their song Better Things expresses that you should not let things bring you down because there are always better things ahead:

    baby don't be unhappy
    baby don't be sad
    better things are coming
    i swear there's truth in that

    I feel that Passion Pit is a great band to listen to whatever mood your in and especially if your feeling down. Everyone will always face a bad day and I think music is a perfect way to escape those feelings. That’s why I believe Passion Pit will be remembered.

  57. Going Back to Cali- Notorious B.I.G.
    I believe that this song really states something. At the time the West and East coast were almost at each others throats. They had many unsettled differences. A lot of which were expressed through the rap artist's songs. Eventually this feud was settled. We can thank the Notorious B.I.G. for making the statement in his song, "Going Back to Cali". The way to "play it safe" was to stay on your coast so you wouldn't have any trouble. But, Biggie Smalls decided that he was not going to deprive his fans on the West coast just because of the treats against him. As he says in the song,

    "If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the East
    I live out there, so don't go out there
    But that don't mean a ***** can't rest in the West".

    Biggie Smalls ended up "resting in the West" when he was shot after preforming a show for his West coast fans. He was a great influence on the Hip Hop genre as well as his era. He is still remembered today for his courageous act of taking a risk to prove that people were just being foolish. I believe he will be remembered now and always, even in fifty years.

  58. Although they aren't a current band I believe that the Beatles will be remembered in 50 years from now because of the fact that they made such a mark on history of our culture and our world, that for them to be forgotten is seemingly unthinkable. Everyone whether they like them or not knows at least one Beatles song, whether it be Yellow Submarine, or Penny Lane, it will be remembered that I'm sure of. Not many can deny the fact that without the Beatles a large number of the singers and musicians today might not have ever started singing be it because of the Beatles directly or a singer who started because of them. To give you a song would mean choosing a song and that I cannot all of their songs mean so many things to me that it's impossible to explain what they even begin to mean. The Beatles even if they tried to deny the fact but they led the generation before us to what it is today, what we are. "I maintain that the Beatles weren't the leaders of the generation but the spokesmen" Paul McCartney. Without the Beatles we might not have existed today and tomorrow might not have been the same just like in 50 years the Beatles will still be remembered.

  59. The person who I think has influenced the world is Jesse McCartney. I think that he will be around for a long time because he has been around for two generation and he is still young and producing more and more songs. There are girls of all ages swooning over him. His concerts have been selling out since the day he came out with “Beautiful Soul” which is his number one hit. "I don't want another pretty face. I don't want just anyone to hold
    I don't want my love to go to waste
    I want you and your beautiful soul
    You're the one I wanna chase
    You're the one I wanna hold
    I wont let another minute go to waste
    I want you and your beautiful soul

    I know that you are something special
    To you I'd be always faithful
    I want to be what you always needed
    Then I hope you'll see the heart in me”

  60. I think that in 50 years, Carrie Underwood will be remembered as representing the culture of 2009. She rose from a small-town country girl on American Idol, to a multi-platinum recording artist. She sings about everything people today are going through. Her song "Before He Cheats" talks about a husband cheating on his wife. "Wasted" and "Last Name" are about drinking and the mistakes that happen while intoxicated. "Jesus Take The Wheel" shares the spiritual side of Carrie. To sum it all up, one of her most popular songs, "All-American Girl" is about two parent's raising their little baby girl.

    "But now, he's wrapped around her finger. She's the center of his whole world. And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-American girl."

  61. An artist that I feel will be representative of our time is Michael Jackson. The reason I feel this way is because he has influenced a great deal of musical genres to what they are today. There has been a time when almost all of us have busted out singing along to a classic M.J song whether it is Thriller or Billie Jean. Michael Jackson was able to shatter the rift between all races, genders, and age groups. He brought all together with his songs of togetherness and inspiration, with a catchy rhythm. Not only was M.J one of the most mind boggling singers he was also one of the best dancers this world has ever seen. You can’t go a month in life without relating something back to Michael Jackson, either his misunderstood side or his awesome dances moves, or even his style. I feel that you know the legacy of an artist has lived on when you are driving your kids to school and when a song comes on the radio you all know the lyrics. Even after the death of Michael Jackson, he will always he crowned the king of pop. Michael Jackson will definitely be remembered beyond 50 years from now.

  62. Whether your listening to one of her very many singles or if your watching her get her moment stolen away from her, Taylor Swift is always fascinating. She will be remebered on so many levels but mostly she'll be rembered for being a TRUE artist. She is a very talented singer and musician but I believe her songwriting is truly magnificent. She writes about love, either falling in love or out of love. One of my favorite songs of hers is "Teardrops On My Guitar". This song is about a girl who crushes big time on a close guy friend of hers but her guy friend has a girlfriend. This song is influential because this has probably happened to many of us before. If you listen to this song it will touch you dearly because its about someone who cannot be with the one they love. Obviously you can tell that this has probably happened to Taylor before. She puts all she has into her music and it has really paid off. She is a true inspiration.

  63. sky is the limit by lil wayne. this song is very inspiring and means alot to me and many others. when i listen to this song i can feel the confidence and pride that this artist has in his work. i can tell how hard he has worked and has come a long way. he is a brilliant artist and american icon, a role model for all. in his infamous hit," sky is the limit", he raps figurativley about how he can achieve anyhting he can puts his mind to. in the begginging of the song you can tell that he is a loyal friend and dedictad to each and every one of them. He will never be forgotten and always remembered<3

  64. I think Rascal Flatts will be remembered for a long time. Not only for their uniqueness, but for their down to earth lyrics. There are many reasons why Rascal Flatts are my favorite band and always will be. There has not been one time that you would mention rascal Flatts to someone and they would have something negative to say about them! I also like the message they portray. They are not like the artist now a days, that every other word that is said is a bad word. Many songs that have been released in this century, you would never want to sing to your mother, or be embarrassed to show her. I think of Rascal Flatts as a country group, however, many think of them as a pop/country group. I think Rascal Flatts are a genuinely nice group of guys. You don’t ever hear them in the news doing something bad. They don’t like to get stuck up in the fame. I think these are the reasons why Rascal Flatts will always be remembered.

  65. People will always remember the talented singer, Taylor Swift. Her songs are based on love, and happiness. She believes that anyone can find their one rue love as long as they believe in it. Taylor Swift is an amazing person and is a big role model to girls because she knows what we are going through when we are searching for love. A song she wrote is "Love Story", which the song means that love can be difficult, but it's worth going after. Taylor Swift will deffinately be remembered for a long time.

  66. tc handcock saidd .

    an artist that really expresses our culture to me in Miley Cyrus. she sings about alot that happens in teenagers life. even though guys really cant relate to it all the time , they still can understand where she is coming from. she sings about all topics and her songs are usually fun and upbeat. besides some sad ones , which still are true about life because "nobodys perfect".and i think she will be remember for a long time because she has so many fans right now and she is only 16 , so it can only go up from here.

  67. The artist I chose was Taylor Swift. I chose Taylor Swift because she’s a very inspiring artist. Her music career was a struggle but she fought for what she wanted and is now one of the most known teen artist.
    Her music is a combination of many genres and is fun to listen too for all ages. Unlike most artists, Taylor writes all of her songs herself about real life situations that have happened to her. Each of her songs have a different meaning. Some are about break ups, boyfriends, school, and others are about friends and family. Because of this many girls can relate to her songs and are inspired by Taylor.

  68. I think Miley Cyrus is an artist that will always be remembered, even 50 years from now. She is know by millions of people across the country and around the world. She is one of the biggest pop sensations around in years. Miley is such a great artist becuase she sings songs that everyone can relate to and just get up and dance to without being inappropriate like many artists feel they have to be to get attention. She will always be remembered because she is just such a great role model for younger kids.

  69. Singing Amen I'm I'm Alive
    Singing Amen I'm I'm Alive
    If everyone cared and nobody cried
    If everyone loved and nobody lied
    If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
    Then we'd see the day when nobody died

    If I had to pick a particular song that would be remembered in 2060 it would be "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback because of the song's timeless message. It is one that has been echoed by all kinds of people from Martin Luther King to Ghandi and will ring just as true in the future if we would only turn off our TV, shut down our computers and listen


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